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M6 Building Block. 12.5 sqm: 390mm x 190mm x 140mm 17kg each: FT 90 Solid Block. 500mm x 90mm x 200mm 23kg each: FT 110 Hollow Block. 500mm x 110mm x 200mm 18kg each: FT 140 Hollow Block. 500mm x 140mm x 200mm 22kg each: FT 200 Hollow Block. 500mm x 200mm x 200mm 26kg each: FT 250 Hollow Block. 500mm x 250mm x 200mm 31kg each

Concrete bricks and blocks. unit type. Hollow block. Storage. Stack sufficiently so they will not topple over. disclaimer. Brick colours may vary per region / batch.

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Promote the value creation story of the cement and concrete industry in South Africa. Develop various membership options that are representative of all industry segments and stakeholders. Grow membership of the CIB in all membership categories. Support research as a means of increasing the ongoing relevance and efficacy of concrete.

Build hollow core blocks, with STUMBELBLOC's unique mould set-up for houses, walls, sheds, ponds and more. Create core blocks in just 48 hours. Call now!

A 140 block is generally used in conjunction with a 140 x 90mm lintel A maxi brick is generally used in conjunction with a 110 x 75 mm lintel For a stock brick cavity wall a combination of a 110 x 75 mm and a 150 mm x 75 mm side by side are used.

South Africa P.O. Box 168 Halfway House 1685 Telephone: +27 11 805 6742 ... large pebbles about 150mm in size. Later hand-cut stone blocks were introduced. ... The use of concrete block paving can be divided into the following categories: ROADS Main roads Residential roads

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Concrete Mix Formulas

Stone Size: Water: Yield: Super High Strength Concrete - 40 MPa (Pre-cast pre-stressed concrete lintels, beams, Concrete slabs, Floor bearers, Concrete pipes & Bridges) 33 liter (50 Kg Cement) 50 liter: 50 liter: 9.5mm to 13.2mm: Control Water - Use less water: 85 liter: 33 liter (50 Kg Cement) 45 liter: 75 liter: 19mm to 26.5mm: 95 liter ...

The rib & block system consists of pre-stressed ribs, hollow core blocks, Y-10 rebar and Ref100Mesh. This system can be used for basement-, first floor and roof slabs. All re-inforcing steel & mesh requirements for your slab are supplied as …

CONCRETE BRICK & BLOCK-MAKING Building our Future Together 11/06/2014 AfriSam Customer Service PO Box 6367 Weltevredenpark 1715 South Africa Phone: 0860 141 141 email: [email protected] Curing: The day after production, blocks should be removed from the production slab and stored in the stacking area, ready for …

Half blocks can be used for supports, lintels and also as finish blocks inside walls in which the levels of normal blocks tend to be offset by 50 %. Fifty percent blocks for various applications might have a couple of hollowed out cores or perhaps be U-shaped, this offers smaler concrete block sizes …

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Blocks – Cape Brick

M190 (SPLITTER BLOCK) PRODUCT CODE: M190-SPLITTER BLOCK DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 390mm x 190mm x 190mm. COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: 7Mpa. MASS: 16kg. NO/M² (SINGLE SKIN): 12.5. Splitter blocks with a precast splitting groove, which allows easy splitting for half module requirements, are automatically included in every stack of blocks …

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a mould creating the shape, size and profile of the brick or block. The moulded products are then cured either in steam chambers or in the air and are regular in size and colour. Most bricks (solid units) are usually manufactured to the imperial size 106mm (1 module) wide and 222 mm long (i.e. 2 modules, 2 x 106 plus a 10 mm mortar joint) long.

Corobrik bricks and pavers are manufactured in different sizes. The main brick size, in millimetres, is the South African Imperial measuring 222 [l] x 106 [w] x 73 [h]. Most bricks in South Africa are produced in this format. Other brick sizes Corobrik produces at one or more factories include: Coromaxi 90 - 222 [L] x 90 [W] x 114 [H]

Our vision is to be South Africa's premier concrete brick & block manufacturer, trusted and recognised for offering the most environmentally friendly products, the best quality, best service and best overall value.

Our Figure 10 concrete barrier kerb is an ideal example of a simple and effective shape for this type of block. It is 250 mm tall and 100 mm wide, with a choice between 1000- and 330-mm lengths. The 330-mm variant weighs 19 kg per block and the 1000-mm option 57 kg per block. The Figure 10 is a beefy and robust block with a clean design.

Concrete Block Manufacturers. Lbw Block And Lintel Manufacturers specialise in concrete block manufacturing services in Gauteng. We custom make concrete blocks to fit your specifications. Products. Concrete blocks 220m wide X 500m long ("B" Range); Close end blocks are supplied when required

Building Blocks. Sometimes called cement bricks and cement blocks. Are often a cheaper alternative to clay bricks. Blocks according to industry standard design. Hollow concrete blocks, comes in 3 standard sizes. Imperial brick sizes still used when making cement stock bricks. There is a hybrid size called the maxi brick.

Three basic block sizes - L300/L500/L750. Löffelstein® heavy duty - where wall heights exceed 3,5m. This block's thickened base prevents it being crushed under the wall's own mass. This specially engineered block is employed as a facing to geosynthetic reinforced slopes or for geonail or rock-anchored cut slopes.

Grass Blocks The Bosun Grass Block is a permeable paver designed to facilitate the growth of grass in paved areas. The design of the grass block encourages water to drain through the voids where vegetation grows while offering sufficient structural integrity to allow for vehicular traffic. This paver is also often used for erosion control.

Jun 04, 2020· Most companies who supply concrete slabs also provide engineering designs, inspections and certifications. There are few slab system that are common in South Africa: 1. Rib and Block Slabs are the most common slab system in South Africa. It is easily understood by 90% of builders, architects and engineers and is cost effective and easily installed.

c26 spiral twist price: r1139.00 c18 square stacking price: r749.00 c15 (xl) round smooth price: r3306.00. c16 (xxl) round smooth price: r5511 c2 round smooth price: r1803.00 c2b round smoothprice: r1803.00. c8 (l) round smooth regular

Select nearest store. Select. Successfully added to trolley. Regional. Fabricated Concrete Lintel 3900 x 105 x 75mm. Select nearest store. Deliver. Collect. Select nearest store.

Greenlite Blocks is one of the few companies in South Africa that is centred around uplifting the social community along with the environment. The application of waste polystyrene in our blocks as an aggregate allows us to provide a cost effective alternative for RDP homes to be build quickly and efficiently allowing more homes to be built in ...

Rika Blocks™ manufacture using recycled polystyrene. (Polystyrene is a nasty by-product of convenience). Save hours if not days using the Rika Blocks™. Concrete takes 7 days for first stage curing. Every Rika Block sold has cured over 30 days.

Concrete Suspension Block or Tile Stand used on concrete roof slabs to suspend Paving Slabs over the waterproofing. Paving Slabs so used protect the water proofing against traffic and water is allowed to flow freely underneath to its outlet points. This metod is not suitable for frequent or vehicular traffic. Size 165mm diameter x 30mm high, 3kg

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AfriSam All Purpose Cement 42,5N (50kg) 0.1 bags. We also offer a hassle-free drymixed plaster, PLASTERPRO in a 25kg bag = 1m 2 plaster coverage at 15mm thick. Only available in Gauteng. Enquire on 0860 141 141 Please note: Wastage of 5% to be allowed.

South Africa's Most Commonly Used Rib and Block Slab System It's been the most common slab system in South Africa for more than four decades. Since our slabs eliminate soffit shuttering, there is no steel reinforcement required. What's more, there's also no need for cranes, and erection can be taken care of by unskilled labour.

M9 BLOCK. BRICK TYPE: Cement Block DIMENSIONS: 390x190x190 BASE COLOUR: Light Grey STRENGTH: 4mpa Block Bricks are used to build homes, large structures, and boundary walls.The reduced volume of concrete used to set each block means you save money on materials for your walls, add this to the cost savings by volume over standard size bricks, and the Block …

The use of concrete blocks in construction will significantly reduce building costs in many ways, as it will limit the use of natural resources. This makes concrete a great choice for building a home, commercial offices and many other types of construction. The price of cement blocks is often cheaper than other construction materials.

Technicrete - Manufacturing concrete products in the mining and construction industries in South Africa. 011 674 6900 / 086 126 6267 [email protected] Statutory Documents

of the wall is of primary concern. The blocks are available in a range of colours, textures, finishes and shapes. See back for Special Block shapes. Dimensions Face sizes/co-ordinating dimensions Aggregate concrete blocks are typically available in two standard face sizes (length x height) of 440 x 215mm and 390 x 190mm.

concrete block sizes south africa. Best offers. Hollow Block Bricks Building Material R 28.00. Add to cart. Product categories. Building Material. Bricks; slab blocks; Miscellaneous; Paint; Roofing. Roof Tile; Slate Roof; Waterproofing; Cart. Office Phone: +27 11 708 4847 WhatsApp: +27 82 510 3488 ...